Friday, July 11, 2008

In The US

It’s more than a month since I moved to the US from India. Everything is so different here - people, culture, food, rules, etc, etc…….. Although I have no problem with any of these, what surprises me is the attitude of the Indians staying here. I had heard of it, but as it goes, ‘it’s hard to feel/realize until you feel the pinch of it’.

No doubt that life in US is comfortable, cities are much cleaner than India, traffic regulations are followed strictly[need not say anything about traffic & rules in India :), but then..... lets not forget, its we who don’t follow it there], one gets to see people ONLY in shopping areas ;)…still nothing is as good as India, you don’t find roadside pani puri wala’s here, don’t know when I will get to eat those yummy pani puri’s next, people honking at each other for no reason :), suing people for every other reason [Can't even imagine if we start doing so in India] etc etc..........

As it’s always said, ‘WE HAVE 2 CHOICES ---- - +ve & -ve; AND ITS UP TO YOU WHICH ONE YOU CHOOSE TO PERCEIVE'.

Monday, July 7, 2008

At Last !!

I always wanted to blog but then didn't, call it laziness or starting problem. But at last, the day has come when i am actually doing so...Will have to wait & see how active i will be.....