Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TrusT & FriendshiP"

A good friend of mine asked me one day
I just replied

Peas [Matter] Curry

I am not a great cook but this recipie is the one which I learnt from mama, very easy to prepare, yet so delicious. Give it a try...


Garlic – 2 bulbs
Peas [Matter] – 2 ½ cups, fresh or frozen
Red Chilly powder – According to taste
Cilantro [Dhanya] – 1 teaspoon
Ginger powder – ½ teaspoon
Salt – According to taste
Tomato – 1 small
Onion [chopped] – ½ cup

- Make puree of tomato and keep it aside
- In the pan, add oil and put onions & chopped garlic. Stir untill onions are cooked
- Add chilly powder, salt & about half a cup of water . After 1-2 mins add tomato puree to it. Wait till oil gets separated
- Add peas and ginger powder and cover it. Cook for 10 mins
- Garnish with chopped cilantro

Serve with rice, but if you want it to have it with roti, then make it a bit dry ie reduce the content of water.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Las Vegas

“A SIN CITY”; perfect name, but I don’t believe that. I would rather like to call it A HONEST city. Wondering what I am telling, but just think what ever happens there is so open. People don’t cover and pretend to be goody goody and naive.

Few weeks back, during Labour day weekend we had been to Vegas. Since it was a long weekend, city was packed. We were there for 3 days and still could not see the entire Vegas. There is sooo much to see/do in there, hence if your planning to visit Vegas and enjoy Grand Canyon too, as most of people do, then you will not be able to enjoy Vegas until you are on vacation for an entire week.

We had been to a show named as cirque du soleil- O at bellagio. Trust me this show is breathtaking and worth the money. Packing bags for Vegas, this is something you should not miss. Visit for more info.

Hard rock café fans, don’t worry you have Hard Rock Café Hotel there.

Kids there is some thing for you too 4 floors of M&M outlet. Though i dont think that Vegas is the place for the them, kids of course.

There are plenty of free shows, so if you are tired of walking or gambling ;) [As me and my hubby, both dont how to gamble we used to sit on the slot machines and try out luck, only when we were tired of walking and wanted to rest for few mins] :) or just go to one of these shows which lasts for not more that 15-20 mins.

While walking on the strip, you will find ample people handing over brochures about the late night show and all. Everything is legal here and that is the reason why I mentioned it ahead that I would rather name it as a TRUTHFUL CITY. Vegas is not the only place where illegal things happens, it takes place universally and may be at much more larger scale than Vegas. Hats of to the this city for its earnestness. Hey, i dont deny that since everthing is legal here that why its open, but then why quote it as a SIN CITY.

It’s such a entertaining place to be. It seems like a total world in itself. Hey, lemme tell u that you have drive-in weeding chapels too, so wanna get married within few mins, Vegas is calling you..But there may be waiting time ;)

So if you are headed to Vegas, have a pleasant trip and may you come back home with at least some credit ;)
Have fun !!!