Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Good Day !!

From couple of days, my friend and I were planning to meet. At last we met yesterday for lunch. It was drizzling and I just love walking in the drizzle. Because our meeting point was not very far from my home I preferred to walk. I just cherished it, given that it was after long time that I got to walk in the rain.

We met, had lunch and decided to get back to my home. Since my friend is pregent, we had to take a bus. We boarded the bus and it started moving. As we had met after fairly long time, we were busy speaking. Past couple of minutes, I asked her what’s taking us so long to reach home [since she is a bus champ & I have just started traveling in bus here]. Its just 5 minutes drive from the transit center to my place. We thought that may be its taking a different, longer route and continued chatting. After about 20 minutes driver says, that "this is the last stop" and that last stop was the point from where we had started. We had nice laugh. We had boarded the right bus number but from a different bay which goes on a different route. This was fun. The following conversation was what the driver would have though about us; dumb girls, who have no work ;)

We took the bus once more, but this time from a proper bay and reached home in less than 5 minutes. We had planned that we will have dinner together at a restaurant. But then she didn’t felt like eating at restaurant again. We decided that we will have it at my home.

She is an excellent cook, who can cook any sort of dish within no time & I am just a beginner. But still dinner was good, though I took her help. I just can’t believe that some one had dinner at my house and I prepared it. I feel so good & hope that they enjoyed it, as they said.
Now I am kind of confident at my cooking and would like to thanks the internet & few of good recipe websites.

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