Monday, December 29, 2008


I have experienced snow before, but then I was not old enough to remember it. So this was my 1st actual snowfall experience & I must say, I was so looking for it until I happen to say ‘Snow is good only to look’. A pleasant white, calm, sheath atmosphere to gaze, however as soon as it says ‘Hello, I am here to stay’, OMG, it becomes excruciating(at least to me), especially when you are stuck at home, eating [only if u are intelligent enough to stock up supplies] and watching movies. I didn't even read.

At last it snowed after a week long weather forcast. And I was disappointed to see just 1-2 cms of snow flakes. Least did I know that I will have a different perspective after few days.

Day 2 of snowfall was 'such a fun', I just cherished it, went out with as many clothes as I could on, had snow fight, slipped all over. It was clean, unadulterated white, spotless, bright 5-6 inches snow. Those who dared to take cars out were skidding all around. Temperature was below -6 C.

Come day 3, it snowed a further 4-5 inches. As it snows only 1-2 inches in this part of the world, everyone expected it to stop and resume there daily chores by next day or two. But this time snow had its own plans and didn’t want to leave early. Last time when it had snowed this heavily here was way back in 1989.

It was almost 1 ½ feet of white deposit in the morning of day 4. And the best part was I had an appointment with doc which I didn’t wanted to postpone, since getting next appointment immediately was not impossible. As doc was about 1.25 miles from home we went walking. Main road were cleaned but all the snow, which by now had turned black, was dumped on the walkway and roads had turned into ice trap. Ha!! I will never forget this walk.

Then there were day 5, 6......... untill finally it stopped, ice started melting and we went out to get some fresh air & to re-stock, just in case snow feels like visiting us again this year :)

This snowy condition lasted for 9 days. I felt like I was under a house arrest. Had never expected that snow can be so depressing. I heard people saying that they will never complain about the rain[since here it rains for 7-8 months] after this snow season. Needless to say everything was paralyzed coz city was not prepared for this much of heavy snowfall.

According to some environmentalist Global Warming has resulted in this extreme climate change. I don’t think I need to say who is responsible & answerable for this.

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Munu said...

i would luv to be in such a place :)