Sunday, January 25, 2009


Think of a baby!! What is the first thought that crosses your mind???

Well, the 1st thing that comes to my wits is INNOCENCE. That wholesome innocence! The same selfless, loving, tender, gentle and warm approach towards everyone. They don’t categorize people based on their cast or creed. They do not set boundaries by the religion or region. They expect nothing but love.

Where is the same tenderness, warmness, selflessness and by n large innocence among us, grown ups, that we once would have possessed. How do we acquire jealousy and abhorrence as we grow? Don’t we believe that we are more mature and sensible than a child? Hhmmm, if so, then who is guilty for all the suffering, pain and sadness around? I am confident that all of you will agree with me that it’s not because of a child. THEN WHO?


Small House said...

If we could all be as a child. I guess instead of wondering who? We should just begin with ourselves. One person does make a difference. I always tell my good to everyone. Make sure that person feels better about who they are for having been around you. Do they listen? Don't know. Sure hope so.
Great Blog today. Have a good day!

Neha said...

Thanks. I do agree with you that everyone of us have a role to play and if we do it sincerly, earth will be much better place to live in.