Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Microsoft Live Search

I ‘HAD TO’ write about this.
Few months back if anyone would have asked me regarding live search, my instant reaction would have been “Please don’t waste your time on it, instead juggle your brain and you will find better answer”. I had used it once and was terrified to see the result. That was the day; I concluded that it was the worst search engine & i was never ever gonna use it agian.

Couple of days back while speaking to our friends, he said about
MS live search and i right away said, its the most awful search site. He ask me to use it now, I was reluctant do so, but gave it a try with little or to be frank, no hope of finding anything useful. I was amazed by the improvement of the site. You find all the relevant search results unlike before, when one had to search for the relevent answer in the search response.
Now I can contentedly say, with no doubt, ‘MS Live Search is 90% as good as google or yahoo search’. I have been using it for few days now and am swayed by it.

Try it, to experience the change!!

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