Monday, February 9, 2009

Cooking (is it a nightmare?)

Let me split my kitchen story into 2 sections: Pre-marriage & Post marriage.

Starting with pre marriage, the word 'cooking' was like a nightmare to me. Mama says, “at least be in a kitchen and see how I cook” and I felt snubbed, “y should I” & I never used to. My hidden stubbornness used to pop up each time my ears happen to hear the word “kitchen”. Kneed flour for roties (as mama had wrist pain) & it used to take ages to do so. It was no less than doing some tedious & deadly task. Ask me to clean kitchen after dinner, another grimy face.
In short it used to hurt my ego when asked to do anything in kitchen.
Here is the list of my kitchen activities I used to do (without cribbing)

  • make instant noodles
  • prepare omelet
  • put rice in rice cooker & switch it on

Post marriage, real nightmare started. Back from honeymoon, tired of eating outside for so many days, I wanted to eat home cooked meal. Well, I did cook & it went straight into dustbin. Wow, wat a disaster it was. There was no escape, I had to learn cooking, so started twice daily phone calls to mama; she instructed & I cooked. This went on for a week till I was back in office. Okie, now internet was my savior as I had no time/patience left in the evening to listen to cooking directions. This went on for few of months. With each passing day my culinary skills(including baking) improved. And now, I can cook couple of good dishes. Ah!!
Listing stuff I do now


Being in US, I don’t like eating out everyday, i feel its nothing but junk & no doubt its yummy but loaded with calories. As I have ample time here, I keep trying out different things and constantly ask my mom 'how to cook this, what to do for that' at least for some signature dishes. I would now say cooking is not all that difficult and surely not a nightmare and with all the help/recipies available on internet it just gets easier.

If I can cook anyone can ;)


Small House said...

I didn't enjoy being in the kitchem with my mom at all. I still don't like cooking, but do because I have to. When I was first married (23 years ago) I had to call my mom and ask her how to make corn on the cob. GOOD GRIEF!
:) Have a good day.

Something Marvellous said...

LOL - your story is like mine! I can probably only cook 3 things really well. My best friend has become the slow-cooker. You can't mess it up. And there are a ton of slow cooker recipes out there that are so easy. After something comes out of the slow cooker, it looks like you've slaved away in the kitchen for hours!