Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Duck’s Valentine Day

On my recent visit to water front, I happen to click oodles of duck snaps. As pictures were cute & I wanted to post them there evolved my tender Duck’s Valentines Day tale.
Enjoy it:

Its a Valentines Day!!
Let me get ready

You see I am brushing..
Ho!! Water is awfully cold.

And taking bath too.....

(On a duck stroll) What a pleasant sunshine

Seems like everyone is already out. Hope I am not late..

Oh!! Let me not disturb them ;)

Where are yooouuuuu?

Hhmmm!! Everyone is having fun

Ah!! There she is :)

Its so crowded everywhere but we have got our hush-hush space ;)

Ok, Bye for now...

Hope you had a fine Valentine's Day with your family, friends & that special someone :)


Small House said...

Ya know, this would make a wonderful childrens book. I love childrens book and loved reading to my kids when they were small. They would have enjoyed a book like this.
Have a great day.

OH...I'm going to go look into the 5 minute cake.

Something Marvellous said...

very cute post! I love the pictures! :)

theBandwidthHog said...

Yes, those are great pictures. I love being able to get snapshots like that ;-)

And thank you for the link back to the cake recipe, much appreciated!

munu said...

Kiddo has written a story :) ... too cute & creative ... am proud of u