Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life is.....

What is LIFE?? Hhmmm, the more you think about it, the more you will keep thinking. Is it this or is it that or is it both or is it none? I feel its this but then why is it like that.. Ah!! Seems like now I am confused ;o
Here is my small ABCD list, of what i can say life is ~

Anything, what you make it
where no one loses
where each of us are molded
Dancing, to you own tune
Echo, what you give is what you get
Feeling, which no one can ignore
Gift, when we are born
Hope, tomorrow will be a better day
Innocence, of a child
Journey, to be completed
to explore death
Love, to be spread
which has just passed
Nail, which will be hammered
Once, don’t ruin it
which has to be filled
Queue, where all have to stand
which keeps flowing
Struggle, when things go wrong
Time that never ever goes back
Us, try doing something alone
Vision, to see good
Web with many knots & zigzags
Xing, which everyone has to pass
You & me
Zeal, to succeed

What do you think life is all about ?


Small House said...

Amen. You have such a wonderful way of writing.
Loved your post!

Shelly N. said...

intersting and thoughtful alphabet.
Am amazed that you found my blog, which led me out of totally snoopiness to check out your blog. LOL
God Bless, sn