Sunday, February 8, 2009

Those Were the (school) Days..

"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul" Joseph Addison

I was surfing (don’t know for what) when I crashed at my school website. I didn’t know there was one. Though it’s so dumb of me not to look for it earlier or to tell the truth I never thought about it before.

Anyway, eager to know what teachers I knew were still on roll, I could find JUST 3 of them :(. Note that I had been to the same school for 10 yearrssss.

Those hidden memories were revived when I saw the school pics; vast play ground, basketball court (favorite sport of the school, I still remember one of the grim fights during inter-house competition), assembly stage, getting roasted in the sun when some teacher or student went on n on n on, sharing some report or something, labs (bio lab attendant was a scapegoat), garden at the entrance (where students were not allowed and we used to sneak in)….School is bulit on a huge campus and some areas (one of the restrooms too) were believed to be haunted.. Hahahaha…That was what everyone used to say & we never used to go to so called haunted places, up until I was in high school..

From the sports day snaps I saw that the house name had been changed, when I was in there it used to be blue, green, yellow and red. Hhmmm… I can even see that outer walls have been painted with two different colours… Changes, changes & more changes.

Those monthly tests, to be precise unit tests, excuses to skip weekly ones(on Wednesdays) PT drill, waiting for, twice a week, games period, trying to skip yoga classes, finishing lunch before lunch break(while teacher was teaching of course, it used to be such a Fun). That unavoidable rule that girls need to have two pleats with red ribbon on, Oh, I struggled with it as I used to have very short hair & was forced to put red ribbon, how much I hated it. Troubling teachers (our high school math teacher literally used to cry)
That excitement to go to school after 2 months of vacation, knowing that you are a year senior; which used to die as soon as home works were given & tests schedules were announced. Ah! Those secret crushes that barely used to last… Chitchat about anything & everything…

Then there were teachers whom students used to love & other who were not in our good books. Some so strict that there was no way to get through them & others so sweet that they never understood what we were up to. Some so committed to their work that they made subject like history trouble-free & few who use to make sure that you will hate the most interesting subject.
Why only categorize teachers, come to students and it goes as first benchers & last benchers, talented & not so talented, teachers favorite & teachers despised, mischievous & serious, bookworms, but how many ever categories I may make, its these different people who make you school days so memorable & special, that you look back & say “THOSE WERE THE DAYS” with a smile on.

Its 9 years since I have passed out and never been there again. Long time, but it still feels as if it was yesterday that I had to been to our farewell. Time flies.

Well, time keeps ticking & we keep moving….leaving memories (sweet & bitter) behind…. looking back and smiling at those 12 precious & most beautiful years of our lives.

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Small House said...

Great! I've never thought to look into a school website either. I've got a billionth year reunion coming up. I've only been to one. I'll admit, "Those were the days".
Have a good day.