Monday, March 2, 2009

BLOG #50

Created this blog in ‘05, posted 1st post in July’08, then on barely any activity on it till Dec ’08. Here I am, after 3 months writing my 50th blog.
When I started blogging, I used to wonder what to write. That ‘what to write’ never made its way to blog because it always used to be in ‘what to write’ phase.

However now I will always have a bit to share. I presume it’s an addiction, a good one of course :).

I would like to thank all those who visit my blog & leave their valuable comments. It motivates me to post something new, something different.

Blissful reading!!


Small House said...

I enjoy your blog. You are a reading machine!! I used to read a lot. I'm not able to read as much as I'd like to anymore. I've got quite a list of what I'd like to read though, from you.

Have a great day.

Something Marvellous said...

congratulations on your 50th post!!

Neha said...

Thanks :)

munu said...

congrates ;) u making me proud