Thursday, March 12, 2009


2008 - 2009(till now) has seen some major climate change throughout the world. Summers are bringing in scorching heat & winters are intensely cold.

Hundreds of thousands acres of forest land is cleared ever year. Flora & fauna is devastated. Ecological balance is completely disturbed.
Pollution is beyond control, CO2 emission is at all time high, ice at poles is melting at substantial rate.

The above list can go on & on. I don’t think any one of us is unaware of all this.

Well, but do we understand that we all have a major role to play in it? We humans, are most civilized & intelligent animal on earth capable of controlling everything; but can we survive alone on this planet?

There are some day-to-day activities which we can follow, contributing a small percentile towards saving this planet. They need no extra effort.

At Home:
  • Segregate the household waste into recyclable & non-recyclable. All it needs is another waste basket
  • Use CFL bulbs, they last much longer 7 are eco-friendly
  • Walk whenever you can, it’s a good exercise too
  • Recycle paper; Save trees

At Office:

  • Shut down PC & Switch off monitors at the end of the day
  • Take back-to-back printouts
  • Use you own resuable cups

Visit earth911 & MSN Green to know more about how to recycle the different types of products & for astonishing facts and figures.

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Something Marvellous said...

I'm glad we are getting back less waste. I'm a fan of reusing and recycling!