Friday, April 10, 2009

SMS !!

Yesterday there was a news about a dad hammering his teenager’s cell phone after getting a monthly bill of $4,765.25. She had send and received over 10,000 test messages in a month.

I was shocked, but then I harked back to my collage days, when I used to finish all my 100 free text messages per day. It may sound crazy but at that time even 100 free messages a day were not enough. I can never forget how my mom used to get annoyed and scold me, seeing me SMSing all the time.
Well, gone are those days and that phase of life, although I still wonder, what I used to send/receive.
Whatsoever, it was fun, a feel of freedom which all teenagers wish for. But then if my bill would have crossed even to the 1/10th of the $4,765.25, I am sure I wouldn’t have had the cell phone for another couple of years.


wanderlust said...

my 7k msgs per month used to get exhausted by around 22 of every month! :)

Neha said...

Thanks to service providers in India for giving us soooo many free messages :)

munu said...

i know how annoying it was ... i couldnt sleep coz of the light & noise ... huh :)

Neha said...

Munu, that was one fun part of having it.