Monday, June 15, 2009

Knock knock at 3:00 AM

What will you do if there is a tap at the door at 3:00 in the morning? I will just freak out, which I did and I am sure most of us would have.

On Saturday night at 3:00 AM my hubby was glued to the TV, crazy I know :), and I had just slept when there was a 'knock knock'. Peep through the hole and you find nobody out there. A minute or so later a louder thump on the door and my heart skips a beat. Hubby asks 'w
ho is out there'; ‘Police' is the reply.

Wow! Cops at 3. Sounds scary, when in a fraction of second, you scan your days activity and find that you have done nothing to invite them home at this time of the day.

Anyway they come in & ask what the problem is. Problem !! We were totally blank and had no idea what they were enquiring about. There was no problem from our end.

Well, it turned out that they had received a 911 call, which was tracked to our apartment.
Ah! They apologized and left within minutes.

It was so damn frightening, ha ha ha. This is one of the many unusual experiences we have had(haven’t blogged about them) but now on I am going to make a note of each one of them, for a good laugh later ;)


Small House said...

Good GRIEF!!! That would be scary. I once called 911 accidentally from my cell phone. It was wierd.

You'll need to get a peep hole put in your door.
Have a good day.

munu said...

hehehe ... u r a scary cat :)