Saturday, June 6, 2009

Portland, Oregon

Memorial Day weekend and a last minute decision to visit Portland, Oregon.

We took a freeway route, later a friend said that there is a senic view on the non-freeway route which is the foremost attraction if you are traveling to Portland from Washington. And this is because there is nothing in Portland (I felt so) other than tax free shopping. So if you are a shopaholic you will save some $.
Chinese garden; an OK overview of Chinese culture, but tickets are seriously overpriced.
Portland is famous for its rose garden, but all we got to see were the the buds (only one yellow rose was blommed). Say it our bad luck.Waterfront fair was fine. At least something to timepass.
If you like books, visit Powells book store.
We stayed in a hotel at Lake Oswego, about 7 miles from Portland downtown. Its a beautiful suburban district. Italian food at Zeppo was awesome. There is nothing much to do in Lake Oswego, but I still liked it(at least better than Portland).

Planning to visit Portland, WA, go to this website and believe what it says. While going I DIDN'T but while coming back I completely AGREED with it.


Small House said...

A ho-hum mini vacation hu? At least you liked the food!!!!

The photos were great. The city looked really nice.

Have a great day.

munu said...

i liked the pics ... it looks good ..

Neha said...

hhmmm.. but its not worth driving 300 miles..

Heather said...

Hopeful I find more to do this coming weekend since i am visiting Portland from Ohio!