Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I think I can cook now………..

….and why do I feel this. Keep reading !!

Last weekend, my friend’s was shifting an apartment and I don’t have to say what a hassle it is especially when you have a kid and you are not well. Least I could do to help her was to make her some lunch / dinner.
Also, I had invited a friend for lunch.

So here is what I cooked:
Chole, Mushroom Peas, Spinich Panner, Aloo Gobi, Capsicum Panner, Dahi vade and Gajar ka halwa with rice and roti (these are all Indian dishes which are made from scratch, no frozen or ready-to-eat stuff).

Your efforts will not pay-off if it’s not edible, which has happened to me few times.
But not this time :) everyone just loved the food.
Friend who has seen me cook couple of times, was shocked and couldn’t believe that I can cook so well. Well, even I was surprised..... hahaha.

Now I feel that I am ready to invite people for dinners and lunches and will be able to cook & serve at least few of the dishes confidently.

Didn’t know that all will like the food and I will be blogging it, else I would have clicked some pics and shared it with you.
No problem, as there is always a next time.

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Small House said...

I'm impressed. I burn toasted cheese sandwich's!!

I have to add, what a good friend you are.
Have a great day.