Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prologue; Quotes, I believe in

Currently, I am not blogging as regularly as I would like to. Oh, I am not busy & occupied, it’s just that, hmmmm, I don’t know :)
But now I am determined that I willpost a post’ every Monday titled as “Quote, I believe in”. It will contain a pic, which I will take during the previous week, followed by a quote which will inspire me/us for the rest of the week.
I don’t think it’s difficult to keep-up with it ;) So check this space, every monday, to be inspired.


madhumakhi said...

I'll surely check it out every monday , plz cn u see my blog ? , i'd be very pleased if u would

Gigi said...

Great blog! Love the quotes.

muna said...

u anyways inspire me .... :)