Monday, December 28, 2009

Quote, I believe in

I am back with my ‘Quotes, I believe in’. I know this post should have had an image too but since my home PC is quiet, I am unable to download pics.

So think about this:
"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes." - William James

Friday, December 25, 2009

How we plan our vacation?

Merry Christmas!

Couple of weeks ahead, and you have a much awaited long weekend, so is this how is a typical vacation planning is done?
Vacation == Destination planned “x” number of weeks ahead + tickets booked “y” number of days in advance + looking forward to it since “z” days + telling your friends/family about the vacation

But here is how we plan our vacation:
Long weekend 1st day, we realize that again for this a long weekend and we have no plans. Till noon, thanks to internet, place gets decided, then browse, browse & browse expedia, priceline, bing travel, etc etc to get a good deal on hotels, if possible inform family/friends.

So this long weekend is no exception. We are off to San Juan Islands today. Pics and more details when I am back.
Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


We come across a lot of people. Many friendly, few self-centered, some cunning, several smart, quite a lot humble, not many arrogant, various full of life & then there are ‘the liars’.

Liars…liars….liars… how do you put a mask and say, “Oh! ya, really”, when you know that 90% of the other side of the conversation is all fabricated & weaved.

I agree that at times all of us do lie, but then what about those who lie just about everything. Who don’t lie because it the only optional (well there are always multiple options) or what they are going to say may hurt the other person but because they want to convince you that they are generous / superior / sophisticated / stylish / blah, blah. To sum up, ‘I AM’ types.

How do you deal with such people?
Ignore what they say, don’t believe in what they speak or stop them when you know that they are lying. No matter what you do to bond with them, what you fail do is trust them.

But remember, “Do your best and forget the rest”.

BTW, this is my 100th post. So, Congratz to me ;)

Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am BaCk

Let me tell you where I was and what I did.
I was on a vacation to India, attended my sis’s ‘week-long wedding’; did lots of work; met family, friends, and relatives; had oodles of kashmiri food & Indian sweet and gained couple of pounds, but then who cares when you wouldn’t have had them for an entire year; got in sync with the latest gossip ;), girls u c and ya didn’t do any regular household work…oh…it was such a fun…

Now I am back from 24 deg C to 24 deg F ;) haven’t seen the sun since I landed here and weather forecast says that we will not be seeing it for another 3 months. At least we are not trapped in the snow this year (till now).

In short, I am back to blogging and to my regular daily routine.