Friday, December 25, 2009

How we plan our vacation?

Merry Christmas!

Couple of weeks ahead, and you have a much awaited long weekend, so is this how is a typical vacation planning is done?
Vacation == Destination planned “x” number of weeks ahead + tickets booked “y” number of days in advance + looking forward to it since “z” days + telling your friends/family about the vacation

But here is how we plan our vacation:
Long weekend 1st day, we realize that again for this a long weekend and we have no plans. Till noon, thanks to internet, place gets decided, then browse, browse & browse expedia, priceline, bing travel, etc etc to get a good deal on hotels, if possible inform family/friends.

So this long weekend is no exception. We are off to San Juan Islands today. Pics and more details when I am back.
Have a lovely weekend.

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