Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am BaCk

Let me tell you where I was and what I did.
I was on a vacation to India, attended my sis’s ‘week-long wedding’; did lots of work; met family, friends, and relatives; had oodles of kashmiri food & Indian sweet and gained couple of pounds, but then who cares when you wouldn’t have had them for an entire year; got in sync with the latest gossip ;), girls u c and ya didn’t do any regular household work…oh…it was such a fun…

Now I am back from 24 deg C to 24 deg F ;) haven’t seen the sun since I landed here and weather forecast says that we will not be seeing it for another 3 months. At least we are not trapped in the snow this year (till now).

In short, I am back to blogging and to my regular daily routine.

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