Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gift (or a Return gift)

Last week was my ‘x’ bday ;) I was all excited as, for the first time; I knew the gift I was gonna get. And to add to the glory, unlike last year, UPS delivered the it just on time. Wow!! What more could I have asked for?
Anyway, the excitement didn’t last long & something which has never happened before to anything we bought online, happened. When we tried to configure it and after few hrs of calls with the customer care guys, we realized that there was a problem with the hardware. Well I am speaking about a Dell XPS laptop. Online store refused to replace it but were ready to refund $$.


But then as, I may say, my ‘gift history’ goes on; I did get a surprise gift at midnight :) [doesn't matter even if it wasn't a laptop]

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