Friday, May 14, 2010

Idli “Disaster and Recovery”

This was the 1st time I was making idly batter at home ‘from scratch’ to be specific.
I was so happy after grinding the rice and dal as the mixture turned as smooth as a cream. Since the entire recipe was from internet, as usual, there was the tip that we need to keep the batter in the warm place to enhance the fermentation process.

So when you live in a place where the average temp is below 10 deg C, you at once think of the oven as the safe warm place. So did I. Since my oven was not warm, I switched it on for 4 mins at 350 deg and then after some time, I place my batter in the oven with the lid tightly sealed.

Next morning, as soon as I woke up, I rushed to the kitchen hoping to see the batter double in quantity. Least did I know that I will find idly instead.
Yes, you guessed it right; I assume oven was way too hot for batter to get fermented and instead it took the privilege of turning itself into the idly, hoping to make my work easy. And yes, my huge idli was yumm.

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