Sunday, September 12, 2010


Last 2 months just flew by and I didn’t even realize. Changes surrounded me from all possible sides, though all were pleasing.
Few days back, my little friend, whom I used to meet almost every day and now hardly any, came to me, kissed hugged and said “Missed you”. This was the last thing I had expected from her.
I just don’t know how what else to write or how to end this post, all I know is that I am gonna remember that moment for the rest of my life.


vivian said...

I will introduce my friends see your blog,so please tell us more interesting and good information to us.

GenerationCoates said...

Now imagine, if everyone who's had hardships in they're life, and experienced that "moment". The world could be a wonderful place, but a lot of people don't feel like they need too, and need to mistreat their fellow humans. Sad isn't it! but i hope you well, and have a good daay :)